Fuck Yes, Rainbow Dash!

At the Gala by Rose0fMay &

D*C: RainbowDash Preview by burloire who described wearing the costume:

KDFHHDOFDKSDKS I LOVE THIS COSTUME SO MUCHHHH <3 Literally didn’t wanna take it off ever *A* <3
Here’s a couple of lovely detail shots from the masquerade *A* <3

:D :D :D it looks great! They all look great! Look at the level of detail on these! I think Rarity and Twilight’s gowns would work as stand alone gowns outside of cosplaying a character. Possibly also Fluttershy’s. Dash’s would probably be more likely to work outside of cosplay if weren’t rainbow but oh well. :) I love it as is!

These were worn at Dragoncon 2012 and at the masquerade mentioned, they won Best in Show - Master’s Division! These costumes were all made by Rose0fMay!

Rainbow Dash~ burloire
Twilight Sparkle~ Ashley
Applejack~ Rose0fMay
Pinkie Pie~ Pixie’s Blog
Rarity~ Betzilla Cosplay
Fluttershy~ View panda_treats’ Cos.com

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