Fuck Yes, Rainbow Dash!
OC Desktop Ponies

So, I decided to make Desktop Pony versions of some OC Ponies. Specifically, E the pony, the adorable Chocolate Swirl, Scoops Inkstain (of Canterlot is Corrupt), Prof Coltbalt, and Shooting Starbow. Last not but least, I also edited Scootaloo to give her a rainbow mane such as the one Ask Rainbow Scoots sports.

Each of the OC ponies stands, walks, and does 1 other action specific to them. They each say different stuff. They’re by no means perfect, just meant to be something fun for some of the more enjoyable OC ponies I’ve followed.

I’d like to apologize for a few things: Poor E has the worst sewing machine ever drawn in the history of sewing machines, Poor Scoops’ mane is atrocious and I am sincerely so sorry for that, and Chocolate Swirl is not wearing a scarf of any kind because I couldn’t get one drawn so small that didn’t look awful.

Here’s a picture of all the above mentioned ponies playing a game of hoofball on my desktop (Team Luna kicked Team Celestia’s arse, FYI):

If you want them on your desktop like I have, here’s how! You should be able to download the zipped file of all six ponies here. They’re now all in the same file with some other OCs I made by request here. Just extract them into the same folder as your desktop ponies folder and tada! If you don’t want all of them, then only extract the folders you do want or delete the others you don’t want.

I haven’t any clue how to convert them to browser ponies, though, sorry! If anyone wants to give it a try, be my guest. Instructions are available on the browser pony webpage under “Using your own ponies” towards the bottom.

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